Accumulates solution for mobile payments- and value added services is based upon the company’s inherent technology & patented processes that has been deployed in mobile financial services and mobile security solutions.

Mobile Payment

Accumulate’s award winning solution for Mobile Payments is a shift in the paradigm of electronic transactions. Mobile payment will happen, why wait? And why not doing right from the start? With a unique security that eliminates the need for new hardware, Accumulate provide services that are more secure than today’s mobile payment solutions and the current debet/credit card schemes.
Accumulate’s mobile payment solution is flexible when it comes to pairing technology and can be implemented in the existing Merchant infrastructure and mobile phone community. The solution is a complete 360 degree solution covering all types of payment situations. Add mobile banking and loyalty when needed.

A mobile payment service for all situations
* Point of Sale (POS) – using NFC, barcodes, QR-codes, typing, voice, etc.
* Online payments
* M-commerce – for in-app and mobile browser payments
* Card-less cash withdrawals/payments – from ATM’s and money vouchers
* Mobile Merchant applications
* Man-to-machine payment – vending machines, parking meters, electric charging poles, etc.
* Payment information services – balance, transaction history, receipts, alerts and more
* Other services – ticketing, purchase codes, loyalty cards/points and more
* Person-to-person money transfers
* Remittance

Security is the key

* Direct authentication of the User by the Issuer, in real time and for every transaction.
* No sharing of sensitive information between the User and the Merchant.
* No storing of sensitive information in the mobile device.
* Two-factor authentication (2FA), via application authorized to the User and protected by pin. 3 FA possible by adding, for example voice, behaviour or face recognition).
* Secured against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.