Patented solutions delivered worldwide within Mobile secure transactions


Accumulates patented solutions provides an unique secure mobile transaction concept
that open up opportunities to mobilizes secure transactions.
Accumulate Mobile Everywhere (ME) is a proven patented (processes and technology) multipurpose, multi-factor client/server, public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication platform that can be deployed in many different situations, where secure and cost efficient authentication is needed.
The open platform gives developers the opportunity to customize mobile connected applications for Issuers of secure client apps.The solution is unique in that it combines:

* unparalleled security
* independency
* ease of use
* flexibility
* cost efficiency

Supported use cases
* Mobile Payments
* Mobile Banking, 2nd generation
* Mobile Security (secure login, digital signatures, e-ID, etc.)
* Value Added Services: Coupons, loyalty programs, ticketing, etc.

Overall functionality
ME consist of a connected mobile security client, installed on the users mobile phone and a server-side back-end component that manages User integrity, security and services along with other functionalities.

The installed security client authenticates the User and communicates securely over TCP/IP with the Issuer server. Who in turn communicates with external systems through standard APIs. This means easy integrations to external systems without compromising the overall security and the integrity of the User data, which is always controlled by the Issuer.

Client/Server technology

The ME client is a security application distributed to the User and contains a unique identity combined with private RSA keys that authenticates the User and establishes a secure connection with the server.

The services and the graphical User interface are all located and managed server-side. This means that no account credentials or other sensitive information is stored in the client. Instead it acts as an authentication tool with the sole purpose of identifying and directing the User to the available services.

The security client is functional on virtually all handsets since 2004:

* Android
* Blackberry
* iPhone
* Java (J2ME)
* Windows Phone
With complete internet access and powerful processors, mobile phones are increasingly similar to computers. Although this has increased the functionality of the mobile phone, new security threats appear constantly and it is becoming more and more feasible for unauthorized parties to gain remote access to a mobile phone. Accumulate has extensive experience in providing solutions under the highest security and without neglecting User experience.

Accumulate Security
With its client security elements that enables secure authentication of the User with a software application, Accumulate is at the forefront of the industry. By utilizing RSA keys, unique app IDs, IMEI (serial number of the phone), MSISDN (phone number), SIM and PIN verifications, it is possible to create a software solution that is as secure as any hardware. By taking advantage of the mobile internet, it is possible for an Issuer to authenticate the User in real-time and on every transaction. The recently implemented voice verification, which enables a 3rd factor authentication, is further increasing the overall security of the solution.

Accumulate’s high security level is not only achieved through a secure client but also via unique and patented secure processes and methods. Accumulate uses dual-line communication. Two channels separately connected when the mobile phone is communicating with either a point of sale terminal or computer. This allows a transaction to be completed without the need to enter sensitive information at the recipient, which is usually the most exposed part during a transaction. Dual-line communications also diminish the threats of man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing.

Security measurements
* Multiple PKI Infrastructure
* 2FA (Factor Authentication), 3FA as option
* RSA key handshake
* Unique app ID verification
* IMEI verification
* MSISDN verification
* SIM verification
* PIN verification
* Dual-line communication